Easy Payday Loan Rates

Here is the full list of the charges based on the Cash Loan that is borrowed:

Borrowing Repay in 10 Days Repay in 20 Days Repay in 30 Days
R100 R176.96 R179.82 R182.69
R200 R295.99 R300.77 R305.56
R300 R415.01 R421.72 R428.44
R400 R534.04 R542.67 R551.31
R500 R653.06 R663.62 R674.18
R600 R772.09 R784.57 R797.06
R700 R891.11 R905.52 R919.93
R800 R1010.14 R1026.47 R1042.81
R900 R1129.16 R1147.42 R1165.68
R1000 R1248.19 R1268.37 R1288.56

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